Banking Alerts


We have received reports of automated calls claiming to be from The First National Bank of Arenzville indicating that your debit card is locked. This is a phishing scam attempting to get you to input your card number. DO NOT give out any information. The fraudsters do not have your card number or even know that you bank with us. They are calling local numbers in the hopes of happening upon an actual customer and getting your card information.

Please be aware that we do have a fraud center that sends out legitimate calls and texts when there appears to be unusual activity on your account. However, our fraud center will never ask you for your full card number.


Please contact the bank immediately if you believe your card has been lost or stolen or if you believe there has been fraudulent activity on your card. If the bank is not open, you may call 24/7 at (866)-546-8273 to report a lost or stolen card or any fraudulent activity. Make sure to monitor your activity regularly to stay aware of possible fraudulent use of your credit card. It is important to understand that the fraudulent use of a credit or debit card does not require a thief to be in possession of the card. Unauthorized phone and on-line transactions could take place without your knowledge even if you are still in possession of your card. Credit and Debit cards are a safe and convenient way to make purchases and manage your finances. Regularly monitoring activity on your account will keep them that way.


Please do NOT provide any information to a telephone caller claiming to be from MasterCard or Visa, especially if they ask for your account number or the three-digit code on the back of your card. Recent scams have been reported with fraudsters using this method to obtain account information. Neither MasterCard or Visa will EVER make calls directly to cardholders to ask for any proprietary or account information. No matter how “official” or urgent the call may sound, do NOT give out this sensitive information.

Additionally, please do not respond to emails that request you to update your banking or credit card information. NEVER click on any link to the First National Bank of Arenzville Website or our Internet Banking Login portal that you might receive in an email. We will never solicit personal information or provide such a link in an email. These e-mail messages might be “Phishing” expeditions by scammers. The links will direct you to fraudulent websites where entering your information is actually handing it over to a criminal. While our bank and the FNBA Website have not been targeted, scams have been reported by other banks using these methods to attempt to steal personal information. Please protect your information by NOT giving it out over the phone or via e-mail. If you have any questions, or suspect suspicious activity, please give us a call during normal business hours, or Click here to send us an e-mail.


Please contact First National Bank if you plan to use your FNB EDGE Debit Card internationally. Whether you are travelling with your EDGE Card, or you plan to use your EDGE Card to make an international purchase over the internet, it is important that we know about it. Most fraudulent credit and debit card activity takes place overseas. If we are not aware of a planned international transaction, the transaction will most likely be blocked as a protection against fraud. Please call any branch during normal business hours to give us a heads-up about your international purchase plans.


We have implemented a new, fresh look to our Online Banking. Navigating the site will be very similar to the current layout and it is the first step to further enhancements to be introduced later this year. Please let us know if you have any questions.